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Your company’s AI assistant

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The home screen of Sana's AI assistant

Grounded in all your company’s information, powered by state-of-the-art LLMs, Sana AI gives everyone access to the knowledge they need to work faster and think bigger than ever before.

Enterprise-ready generative AI

ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant. Data encrypted at rest with AES 256 and in transit with TLS 1.2+. By using Sana AI, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Notice.

ISO 27001 certified and GDPR compliant

Chat with your company's knowledge

The smartest colleague in every function, with full context on everything your organization has ever documented—that’s Sana AI.

Curate and verify collections

Get the most up-to-date answers on anything from product specs to payroll policies with accurate citations.

Ensure high-quality responses

Improve the accuracy of chat responses by selecting knowledge sources in a single tap.

Empower collection owners

Upload files directly to the chat and refine your conversation even further.

Automate away repetitive tasks

More than an assistant, Sana AI is an intelligent agent that completes time-consuming actions in other platforms on your behalf.

Sales agent in Sana AI

Update deal movement in a single tap with our off-the-shelf Salesforce integration

Offload time-consuming tasks with agents

Offload time-consuming tasks like budget updates and RFP proposals

Maximize all your meetings

Sana AI transcribes, summarizes, and stores your meetings so you’re always prepared for the next steps.

Meeting notes and recap in Sana AI

Catch up on missed meetings, review session summaries, and ask questions about your discussions.

Let knowledge manage itself

Sana AI’s curation features will empower your subject matter experts to keep the company knowledge up to date.

Curate and verify collections

Increase knowledge specificity by letting subject matter experts curate and verify collections on any topic.

Ensure high-quality responses

Ensure high-quality assistant responses thanks to user-generated feedback sent to the right collection owner.

Empower collection owners

Empower collection owners to review, edit, and update knowledge sources from a single dashboard.

Customize your assistant(s)

Powerful admin settings let you create and tailor assistants to any area of work expertise you can think of, without writing any code.

Custom Assistants

Customize, manage, and fine-tune multiple assistants without having to write a single line of code.

AI Chat

Let users switch between domain-specific assistants directly from the chat bar.

Secure integrations are one tap away

Sana AI leverages your SSO setup so employees only see what they already have access to elsewhere.

Meeting notes and recap in Sana AI

Unlock knowledge. Augment everyone.

From Sales and Support to Ops and Engineering, every team moves smarter and faster with Sana AI.

Custom Assistants


Automate RFP responses, draft more relevant pitches, and cut recurring deal movement admin.

AI Chat

Customer support

Respond faster to questions, uncover better user insights, and personalize more interactions.

Custom Assistants


Draft consistent job specs, automate new hire FAQs, and streamline finance processes.

AI Chat


Make work more meaningful

Artificial intelligence for human intelligence

Research shows that generative AI can increase your team's productivity by 50%, helping them to work faster, focus on significant problems, stay in the flow longer, and feel more fulfilled at work.

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productivity increase


higher quality results and 25% faster task completion


increase in customer purchases and resolved support issues



LLM access with web search

Unlimited assistants and prompt templates

Integrations with Calendar, Drive, Meet, Teams, and Zoom

Up to 1,000 document uploads per user

Up to 10 queries a day per user

Up to 2 meeting recordings a day per user

Up to 5 users per workspace

Community support and help center access



Custom pricing

Everything in Free +

Unlimited documents, queries, and recordings

Enterprise-grade security and privacy

Azure, Anthropic, Cohere, OpenAI, and self-hosted models

Domain verification, SAML-based SSO, and SCIM

Dedicated success team, priority support, and SLA

Analytics dashboard for monitoring usage and responses

Off-the-shelf and custom integrations for indexing and actions

API access for building your own integrations

AI solutions and prompt engineering

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Your intro to Sana AI

Leave your details and one of our experts will prepare a tailored 15-minute discussion

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Your intro to Sana

Leave your details and one of our experts will prepare a tailored 15-minute discussion

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Your intro to Sana

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